Team Fundraising


Congratulations to the following teams for winning menu naming rights for their fundraising efforts:
Samuel Kyser, Wilson Helms, Caroline Wilkerson, Nicholas Weldon and Grace Fornea

We will be recognizing all fundraising teams that raise at least $1,000 on our donor wall.

How to Fundraise

Ask your friends and family to purchase a brick, table or naming rights and ask them to leave THEIR mark on the brick or table. After they fill out what details they want on their brick or table, there is a box below that where they can put the name of the friend/family member that has a disability that they want to support/honor. Friends and family can also donate through our donation form and also mark who they would like their donation to support. See the table below for our Top Fundraising Teams so far:

Top Fundraising Teams

Team/Individual NameFundraising Total
Samuel Kyser$125,500
Wilson Helms$20,325
Hayden Elliot$16,981
Lily Lape$15,071
Caroline Wilkerson$13,392
Nicholas Weldon$10,050
Grace Fornea$8,850
Graham Quarles$3,835
Andi Sisk$2,600
Tucker Matthews$2,500
Francie Howie$1,150
James Aaron Martin$1,447
Tyler Honigfort$1,440
Maryn Rhodes$1,150
Team Juji (Juliana Rojas)$1,020
Kaylen Jackson$862
Walt Clingan$650
Sarah and Sydeny Huff$600
Carolyn Jane Moore$600
Tanner Knotts$556
Jade Patel$550
Ward Phillips$541
Elim Alexander$540
Huntleigh McGhee$500
Julie Ross$500
Berkeley Foster$500
Fraiser Johnston$350
Henry Maclin Harrison$300
Will Grogan$284
Finn Roberson$268
Kaitlyn Stewart$157
Catherine Faye Giuffria$150
Matthieu Tamor$150
Caroline Carlisle$150
The McGehee Boys$150
Nate and Ben Rogers$150
Caleb Underwood$150
Ashtyn McCoy$150
Janette Saenz$150
Taylor Rush$150
Heather Frazier$150
Ann Reilly Lambert$150
Cole Sims$150
Jane Allen$100
ZoeBeth Edwards$56
Aubrey Sanders $50
Lawrence Scheel $40
Taylor Moore$33.00

*Last Updated March 25, 2021

*Last Updated Sunday, October 11